Portfolio of Published Works


Dignowity Hill gets a pool

Portrait Photographers Rally

Bad Mariposas


Alamo Colleges Faculty vs. Bruce Leslie  Part 1 Part 2

2017 Board Races  SAISD | Bexar County

Getting to the Heart of the Alamo Heights Cheating Scandal

SAISD Partners with Charter District to Serve Special Education Students

The Allures and Hazards of School Rankings

2017 Legislature: House Bills | Senate Bills | Vouchers | Education Budget 

Texas School Finance Issues: Recapture | Education 3.0 | Bare bones

Stewart Elementary: A Case Study for Change Part 1 | 2 |  3 |  4 | 5 |  6

Young Women’s Leadership Academy

Beyond Field Trips: SAMA



The G-Card

PDF: The G-Card – Dignowity Hill

Getting Involved

PDF: Getting Involved



After Beethoven, Now Brahms: Festival of Discovery

PDF:Brahms Festival

A Symphony of Songs for Haven for Hope

PDF:A Symphony of Songs for the Homeless at the Haven for Hope

Fostering the Arts in San Antonio

PDF:Fostering the arts in San Antonio

After Dinner: San Antonio’s New Gentlemen of Jazz

Be the Art


The Politics of Beauty: What’s at Stake for Hardberger Park

Go Outside


News Coverage 

Predatory Lending:

Part One

Part Two

Streetcar Debate

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


Visit San Antonio: The Official Visitor’s Guide, Fun for the Whole Family

Visit San Antonio: The Official Visitor’s Guide, Where to Eat Now


Luxury Hiking Iceland

Weekend Getaway: Thriving in Marfa, the Big Bend, and the High Desert 

Exploring Peru’s Amazon Basin

Travel with the One You Love


A Booth With a View

PDF:Booth With a View

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